How To Create your resume in 10 Minutes.

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This guide will help you create your professional resume in just 10 minutes.

My name is Czar Tabish Ahmed, I’m the Curator of

As a job seeking fresher, the first pain which leaves us ‘oh so confused’ is creating a resume.

I remember the first Interview of my life at Dell.
Prior to the interview, I didn’t have a resume as I didn’t know how to make one. So what did I do?
I just took my Older brother’s resume and edited my name on it.
Danish Ahmed => ‘Tabish’ Ahmed, and Viola! my resume was ready, but the Interview didn’t even last for 30 seconds as the interviewer figured it out. (Smart people at Dell I must Say).

I learnt a lesson from it, and you should too.

You need not copy your siblings’/seniors’ resume or scram through Google for templates and crappy editing tools.

Just follow the 10 quick steps below, and you are ready to go.

Step 1: visit to
Boosted Resume is designed specifically for freshers with all the required details and fresh designs.

Step 2: Click on the Build Now for Free button you see on the bottom left of the page ‘or’ click on ‘Resume’ on the top left.

Step 3: You will find 15 templates on the page (Scroll down for more) and choose the template as you like. Click on ‘View‘ to have a full-sized preview of the template before editing, and click on ‘Edit‘ to create your resume.

Step 4: Now you will see a default template on the left side and a ‘content creator‘ tab on the right side.

to make it simple, the content creator tab is divided into three parts.
Part 1 – Personal details
Part 2 – Important details
Part 3 – Education details
You can navigate through the tab whenever you like to make any changes if you want.

Step 5: Type your details in the content creator section and the details instantly auto-populates on the resume. (Cool! isn’t it.)

Step 6: Fill out all the details one-by-one and section-wise.
If you’ve done more than one Internship, click on the ‘Add’ button and enter the details accordingly.

Step 7: Interested Fields. Mention the fields you want to start your career with, this will help you get connected to the right recruiter and get placed in your chosen field. You may enter multiple fields separated by a comma.

Step 8: Check your Spellings and details before clicking ‘Submit’

Step 9: Click on ‘Submit’ to download your resume.
Hurray!!! you’ve created your own resume.

Step 10: Try different templates to see which template suits your personality the best.

Pro tip!
To increase your chances of getting selected, create multiple resumes using different templates and use them according to the job you are applying.
A mild-coloured template is suitable for Operation job roles, and a colourful template is suitable for Creative job roles.
This will create an impact on the recruiter & interviewer that out of all the interview candidates, you are the most prepared and also the right fit for the job. Trust me it works!

All the best!

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